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Join Seattle Sounders FC and Fred Meyer by helping those in need this season. With your donations, we'll provide local families with necessities like food and clothing, as well as items on their wish list - like toys and games for the kids.

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Sounders FC Holiday Give with Fred Meyer - A Personal Story

Within our local community, there are many families working hard to make ends meet. One family in particular shared their story with Sounders FC's RAVE Foundation:

A family with five children, both mom and dad are hard workers earning minimum wage at each of their jobs. Dad works as a delivery person during the day while mom stays home in their apartment to care for the little ones. When dad comes home, mom works the night shift at a nearby convenience store. Unfortunately, dad's hours were recently cut back, and along with that, his pay. This puts the family in a bind - those extra hours helped put food on the table and provide other basic needs for the family. Heading into the holiday season makes things tougher, as the family is struggling to afford the basics, let alone gifts for each of the five children. When we let mom know we may be able to help, she burst into tears. Full of gratitude, she shared "we've never been able to afford anything besides a few pieces of candy in each of their stockings." On the kids' wish lists this year: puzzles, books, superhero figurines and pajamas. Mom and dad added warm socks to the list.

We're inviting you to donate so we can help this family and many others like them in our region. Your monetary donation helps us accommodate specific requests of each unique family. The more you donate the more families we can help. Please join us in making this wish list, and many others, a reality.

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