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The Farmer's Daughters Sale 2018

October 21, 2018 - Pemberville, Ohio Sale closes at 7 PM ET

Elite heifer calves , bred heifers, and genetic opportunities from the powerful, multi-breed donor battery at The Farmer Group. Expect to make great buys on show heifers and lasting production cows from this event that is now in its third year and has produced several winners. The cattle are ready and capable of winning right away with none held back or sold before.
Cattle are on display now and may be loaded out once the auction is closed and purchases are settled. Shipping is available anywhere and cattle may be seen at anytime.

The Farmer Group, Ltd
Pemberville, Ohio
Phil Farmer, Owner: 419.349.7755
Carol O'Brien, Manager: 419.534.2242

Auction Manager:
PrimeTIME, Inc
Craig Reiter: 419.350.9159

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