Brick by Brick is a multi-platform program that will include a twice-monthly podcast, web articles, videos, and on-air TV broadcasts:

  • The podcast will kick things off, helping to build audiences by establishing our team of journalists as well as our focus on the solutions underway.

  • Articles and digital videos corresponding to our latest solutions stories will be updated regularly on the webpage.  Digital video clips will be available to home viewers on the PBS app as well.

  • A studio-based TV-broadcast show will feature our team and expert guests discussing solutions, successes, failures, and what we can learn.

  • The broadcast episodes will be posted online, any may be accompanied with a discussion guide and additional resources to facilitate community screenings, conversations, or direct audience feedback.

  • Along the way, our journalists and in-house team will make editorial decisions while an external community advisory group will help inform topic selection and solutions to investigate.

  • The focus of our coverage in season/year one will be housing and community development.  The topics covered will expand in season two and beyond to provide more solutions-focused reporting on additional social challenges.

  • Learn more about Brick by Brick here.


(Pictured are journalists Ann Thompson and Hernz Laguerre, Jr., who are both based in Cincinnati.)

Ongoing funding and sponsorship is needed to cover production and staffing costs for this multi-year project. 

Existing staff and crew in both Dayton and Cincinnati are being leveraged, including (but not limited to):  the  Executive Producer, Audio Engineers, Editors, Graphics and Set Design, and Marketing.  Three journalist positions have been added to our current staff.  Visit the Brick by Brick web page to read their bios.

The cost to produce one season of Brick by Brick is approximately $360,000.




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