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21 Day Challenge

April 09, 2024 - April 29, 2024

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Creating meaningful dialogue and providing the tools to start the conversation.

More than 700 participants have joined the Racial Equity and Social Justice Challenge to build better racial and social justice habits. We know each organization supporting this campaign uses the content in a way that is meaningful to them by facilitating dialogue to use in their own diversity and inclusion initiatives.

We strive to offer this again in 2024 to companies and individuals. We provide the content and tools to facilitate these discussions through daily emails. It's really up to you to decide how to frame the conversations within your daily life and workplace. 

The 21 Day Challenge is designed to create dedicated time and space to engage in learning more about issues of race, power and privilege.

This year's themes will center around bodily autonomy, women's financial empowerment/caregiving, gun violence and transportation.

We hope you will consider the opportunity to join with the YWCA as a sponsor or participant in this event. Together, we can collaborate to raise awareness and financial support for important racial justice work in the Harrisburg region. No, we continue our efforts to help organizations and individuals look at their mission through a lens of social justice.

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YWCA Greater Harrisburg
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