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Ready to Support St. Mike's?


The Man.....The Legend......Mr. Frank Burns! 

Join us in Honoring our 2024 "Friend of St. Mike's" Award Recipient

The Administration, Faculty, Staff, Students, and families of St. Michael the Archangel School wish to recognize Mr. Frank Burns as our "Friend of St. Mike's." Mr. Burns retired from St. Mike's in 2020 after 12 years of being our beloved gym teacher! Even after retirement, Mr. Burns continues to support St. Mike's and continues to make an impact on past and present students! From teaching competitive games of Colorado and Ghost in the Graveyard to enjoying Volcano Sundaes at the Inside Scoop and White Water Rafting Trips, Mr. Burns knew how to make the students feel special! 

Mr. Burns, thank you for the memories, the laughs, and the difference you made! 

You will always be a St. Mike's KNIGHT! 


How do I pick-up items that I won?

All tangible auction items: pick-up days at the St. Michael's Elementary School Campus:

Thursday, April 25th, 9 am-3pm
Friday, April 26th, 9 am-3pm

Item certificates will be mailed to winners by April 30th.

Each item box states if it needs to be picked up or if a certificate will be emailed. 

If these times do not fit with your schedule, please contact Lindsey Heil at [email protected]

Thank you our Family Sponsors! 

Dr & Mrs. Adam Sadler 

Dave Eddinger & Family 

John Gill Jr & Sophia Paxos 

Labib Family 

Manchester Family 

Wilson Family 

Lawler Family 

Earley Family 

Benatti Family 

Kouvaros Family 

Shultz Family 

Farrell Family

Al & Pinkey Marshall

Pugh Family

Lieberman & Ohl Families

Dale Family

Krupka Family

Gano Family

Rev Msgr John Martin

Strause Family

Wenner Family

Stahlnecker Family

Stapleton Family 

Piccini Family

Smith/Crespo Family

Hoffman Family

Ward Family

Stolzer Family 

Frame Family

Kawczenski Family

Donchez Family 

Douglas P Leh

Rev Thomas Buckley

Jacob Family 

Conrad Family

Benner Family

Ellis Family

Miller Family

Balascak Family

Fitzpatrick Family

Harry & Jamie Reese

Markowski Family

Christine Ehresman

Family Sponsors Continued.....

Brigido Family

Weiss Family

Carl Family

Terpstra Family

Hayward Family

Tracy & Frank Burns

Betz Family

Swiatek Family

Gagliardi Family 

Reina Family

Pachence Family

Sean & Pam Hartnett

Koutsiouroumbas Family

Boorse Family

Matz Family

Trimble Family

Masucci Family

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