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Churchill Cattle Company Frozen Genetics

December 5, 2017 - Manhattan, MT. Sale closes at 6 PM MST


Churchill Cattle Co is offering new and exciting embryos featuring their best donors mated to industry leading sires in this sale! Also offered is over 100 straws of semen from bulls that are not on the open market. These sires have had or are having a great influence in the Churchill program and they can do the same for you! The purchaser is responsible for the shipping of the embryos and semen.

Churchill Cattle Co is owned and operated by Dale and Nancy Venhuizen and their four daughters. The sole purpose of Churchill Cattle Company is the design, production, and marketing of the very best quality Hereford genetics for the local, national, and international beef industry. Our goal is for you, the customer, to be successful, and we will do do everything in our power to make this happen! We strongly believe in the Herefords produced by Churchill Cattle Company.

The Churchill brand is promoted throughout the U.S. to all segments of the beef industry adding value to your Churchill bred animals. We have 13 years of carcass ultrasound data and have elected cattle with above average carcass traits to insure your acceptability at slaughter time with Churchill genetics.


Dale and Nancy Venhuizen

Office: 406-284-6421 | Cell: 406-580-6421 | Fax: 406-284-3715

Amber Bates: 406-570-2205 | Show and Sale Cattle

Buck Ward: 406-570-6607 | Rancher Bulls


Auction Manager:

Jason Barber 817/718-5821


SmartAuctions Administrator:

Chelsea Halderman 937/733-6000

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