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Grubbs Cattle Co. Inaugural Heifer and Bred Heifer Sale

October 24, 2017 - Arlington, TX. Sale closes at 7 PM CT

Text "grubbs" to 52182 or go to to view offering and place bids.


FATHER AND SON, BILL & RYAN GRUBBS, are dedicated to the consistent and superior
bloodlines that will produce profitable and predictable genetics for your herd both in the
showring and the pasture. They understand firsthand what it takes to produce phenotypically
correct animals that will be prolific breeders for both the seed stock and commercial
industry breeder.

Grubbs Cattle's commitment to continual improvement is accomplished through the use of
extensive embryo transplant along with A. I. and the use of genetics from other breeders
that complement their program. They believe this enhances their mating possibilities per cow
providing them with the best marketing opportunity per animal.

Thank you for taking the time to view our online sale. 


Cattle are Located at Paul Fuller, Palmer, TX.

Paul Fuller: 972/523-4245

Bill Grubbs: 817/461-9877 Cell: 817/366-1426

Ryan Grubbs: Cell 817/366-6376 Email: [email protected]


Sale Manager:

Dustin Layton: 405.464.2455


SmartAuctions Administrator:

Chelsea Halderman: 937.733.6000


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