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Loewen Herefords & Messi Hart Farms Female & Embryo Sale

October 30, 2017 - Waukomis, OK. Sale closes at 7 PM CT

Text "loewen" to 52182 or go to to view offering and place bids.

Our 2017 sale features 3 heifer calves sired by Encore and Sensation. We are also selling 76 embryos. The embryos are all from OKSANA 33N and her daughter REVA 20A.

In our September 2016 sale OKSANA 33N sold as Lot 1 for $35,000 at 14 years of age to two partners, a young man and an investor. The young man had made arrangements to pay me in 2017 for his part of the cow. He was tragically killed in a horrific accident a couple of months later. Before he died they had flushed 33N resulting in 44 of the embryos in this sale. After he died, I bought the investor's interest in 33N and the embryos. Now she is back in our pasture due to calve in January at age 15. OKSANA 33N is the best cow I have ever owned.

REVA 20A sold as lot 2 in our 2016 sale and was purchased by Messi Hart Ranch, owned by Jim and Cheryl Liebhart. REVA 20A produced 32 of the embryos selling in this sale. REVA 20A is a X51 daughter of 33A. She is moderate in size with tremendous spring of rib and volume.  When you combine her udder and teat scores of 1.76 and 1.82 with her REA of .98 and marbling of .29, she is the only animal in the breed with this EPD combination.


John & Mona Loewen, owners
John - 580.231.0683 [email protected]
9815 South 66th, Waukomis, OK 73773

Messi Hart Farms

Jim Liebhart - 817.313.8678


Sale Manager:

Dustin Layton: 405.464.2455


SmartAuctions Administrator:

Chelsea Halderman: 937.733.6000


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