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This is a Culture of Reparations Weekend 

Your sponsorship will support leaders from faith based communities to come together and allow us to host a compelling experience for Reparationists across the country. Your donations will also help us with future programming for 2023.

December 16th-18th ~ Savannah, GA, 3rd and last Port of Entry for slavery in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade


This a free event, open to the public. If you are able to attend click here to register: Attend Live in Person

What to expect:

Join us FOR a truly immersive experience

- Discover your own path through our segments of our intensive Building a culture of reparations course

- Join us for a film screening and discussion with the directors of powerful Reparations films 

- Feel and embrace our Ancestral linkages with Underground Tours of Savannah

-  You are invited to join our Reparations Sunday service and multi faith revival at the historic First African Baptist Church.

You will leave totally transformed, inspired and ready to build a Culture of Reparations in your community

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Your support will help us build a culture of reparations. This weekend brings movement building for Reparations Sabbath/Sunday and grassroots faith-based organizing. Truth Telling Project's work includes renaming Calhoun Square and transitional justice work. Your donations will allow us to continue our work in Savannah, Georgia and nationwide.

Thank you for your support!

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You will leave transformed and ready to build a culture of reparations in your community. 

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The Truth Telling Project

The Truth Telling Project implements and sustains grassroots community-centered truth-telling processes to amplify voices about structural violence. We share stories, facilitate solidarity and healing, while supporting activists on the ground, educating the public and continuing to seek justice for Black people and people of color affected by structural violence and systemic racism in the United States.

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