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Custom Bruce Lee Surfboard

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Custom Disrupt Surfboard

5'10" x 20" x 2.62"

Multi Box fin system

This surfboard is custom designed by the internationally recognized surf photographer, Aaron Chang.

Custom art-work and graphics that pay homage to the legendary Bruce Lee.

This surfboard would be an incredible piece in your office or home.

Gorgeous blue color with graphic

" Empty your mind, be formless,

shapeless - like water.

Now you put water into a cup,

it becomes the cup,

you put water into a bottle,

it becomes the bottle,

you put it in a teapot,

it becomes the teapot.

Now water can flow or it can crash.

Be Water

My Friend

Bruce Lee

This would made an incredible addition to the decor of your office or home.

I guess you could surf on it too.....

Donated By Dennis Chang