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We ask our guest families for a donation for each night of their stay with us to cover the cost of the comfortable room, healthy home cooked meals, and shuttle services to and from the hospital. We never turn a guest family away due to financial hardship and waive the fee for those who are unable to pay. Please consider supporting one of our guest families for a week.

Meet Kyle & Kaleb Zabinsky:

In the summer of 2015, the Zabinsky family stayed at the house for nearly 4 months, far away from their home in Virginia. The family temporarily relocated to Philly after Kaleb's CPAM diagnosis in utero and an unexpected premature delivery at 29 weeks. The House quickly became a haven for not only their parents, but also their grandmothers who assisted weekly with their care, and even Kyle who graduated 40 days earlier from the NICU than Kaleb. The Zabinskys continue to stay at the House for annual checkups at CHOP.

"It's hard to put into words what RMHC Philly gave my family. During a very dark time, the House brought hope, comfort, rest, and nourishment. I will never forget the warm greetings after a long day in the hospital, all of the amazing amenities, and the most delicious meals. It allowed me to fully focus on the health of my sons and my entire family is incredibly grateful for the staff and volunteers that make this special place possible. Their service had a deep impact on my life. " --Jennie Zabinsky, Kyle & Kaleb's Mom