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Does it matter what state of liquid it long as it's fun?!

This package includes: 10-Punch Ice Skating Pass at Central Park Plaza, Hallmark 12x16 Anchor Wall Hanging, 1 Bottle of La Presna Tempranillo Wine, 1 Bottle of La Presna Sauvignon Blanc Wine, 2 - Topo Chico Tropical Mango Hard Seltzers, 2 - Fruit Smash Tropical Punch Hard Seltzers, 2 - Fruit Smash Pink Lemonade Hard Seltzers, 2 - Sweet Water High Light Lo-Cal Easy IPA's, Soda Stream Jet Sparkling Water Maker, Pink Flamingo Wine Holder, Tropical Flipflops and a CreativeWare Pink Double Walled Party Tub with drain plug to hold it all in!

Donated By Valparaiso Parks Dept, Maria Galka, Don Quijote Restaurant, Liz Angus