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Two original, signed, and framed pieces of art by Deborah Huber and Willow Older from the Today I Noticed collection ( 11 x 14 in.

Today I Noticed is a creative mindfulness practice that helps us dial-up joy and dial down stress.

This simple, practical approach to mindfulness is based on the three-word prompt, "Today I
noticed." These words invite us to notice what's around us and within us and then write about
and illustrate our observations. This gentle practice transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary and strengthens organizational culture by encouraging team-building, empathy, collaboration, and creative thinking.

Deborah Huber and Willow Older are the founders of Today I Noticed. Deborah is a writer and digital product-design specialist. Willow is a content marketer who runs her own editorial
services business. They both live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Donated By Deborah Huber and Willow Older