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Robert Winokur

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Cylinder with Posts

Salt glazed vessel

Fair Market Value: $2,200

Artist will receive 50% of winning bid

Dimensions: 11" x 7" x 7"

Salt glazed stoneware

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Robert Winokur

I don't know when it was that I became fascinated and enthralled by artwork done by children and in particular with the drawings and paintings done by them of houses. What I find truly compelling about theses works was their innocence, exuberance and spontaneity

Those qualities and elements of children's art that inspired me to work with the house surface every now and then but the sense of joy, euphoria, playfulness and spontaneity has been replaced by a kind of somber introspection. Perhaps it is the color of the clay coupled with the construction process I use to make the houses that moves me in this direction this.

Like sculptures of Equestrian Horsemen or Madonna's with Child the houses have become, a form, a kind of abstraction that expresses, on one level, a formal study of variations on the theme and, on another, an exploration of the possibilities that can be wrung from the symbol. The ladders and the asparagus are recent elements that I have taken to. They do all sorts of neat things to modify and alter the way in which the houses are seen

For me what looks right determines whether a piece "works" or not. There is no conscious intellectual mechanism and certainly no pre-existing manifesto at play here. As the little girl told the psychologist who asked her to tell him about her drawing said. "This is not a story this is a picture to be looked at".

Donated By Paula & Robert Winokur Estate