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ARTIST: Jamie Morath


When painting this oversized bench, Jamie let her imagination and paintbrush take over. Instead of just painting cats and dogs, she portrayed the many ways they are a part of our everyday lives and why we love them so much. Taking bits and pieces from some of her earlier paintings, she created a fun and whimsical new design for this large, functional work of art.

DIMENSIONS: 10"W X 53"D X 25"H


3209 Madison Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209


Art was always a part of her life, but Jamie didn't begin selling her work until 2009. As a self-taught artist with a unique style, she thought she wasn't "good enough" and wondered who would hang her art on their walls. When she finally found the confidence to show her work, she says she "stepped into a world I never imagined possible."

Ten years later, Jamie is a widely-recognized artist, having won 17 awards and sold her work in all 50 states, Canada and 21 other countries! Overcoming a lack of confidence was such an amazing feeling but Jamie say that even more gratifying is being able to share her talent to make a difference in the world. Following her passion has allowed her to donate her work to raise more than $56,000 on behalf of animal welfare causes all over the world! (After working on the bench for 7 straight days, through hand cramps, multiple tubes of paint and 4 broken brushes, Jamie says it was totally worth it to help raise money for Pets In Need of Greater Cincinnati.)