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Jens Lucking

Award Winning Photographer Artist

Check out his website, and see extra photos below:

"Hammer Time" is the piece being offered.

Limited edition - 20" x 20" x 3/4

Meet Jens Lucking (and if you are at the luncheon, he will be there). Jens is an extraordinary artist and photographer, whose work has been published worldwide, exhibited in numerous galleries across Europe and North America, and added to various art collections. His unique work has been awarded by esteemed juries from London to Los Angeles, most recently at the Lucie Awards/IPA at Carnegie Hall.

For the "Hammer Time" piece seen below (yellow car with woman's legs underneath), Jens was honored at the International Photography Awards in NYC and by the APA (American Photographic Artists) in Los Angeles.

This is why we were beyond thrilled when we asked if he would donate to our event and he said "yes!"

"Hammer Time" is a limited edition aluminum print and is the first image of the ongoing Hammer Time Series project.

Size 20" x 20" x 3/4" (ltd edition of 50 - this size)

Donated By Jens Lucking

Donated By Jens Lucking