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Ears and Tails

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Get your chance at winning $500 in cash! After dinner, play our version of the "Heads and Tails" game. Last person standing will win $500!

INCREASE YOUR CHANCES of winning by buying multiple tickets! A strand of beads will be given to each player at the event to indicate who is eligible to play (and win) in the game. People with multiple strands of beads will take off one strand when they choose incorrectly and get to stay in the game a little longer!

***If you purchase your Ears and Tails tickets online, make sure you stop at the Raffle table when you get to the event on October 11th to pick up your beads.

How do you play Ears and Tails?

It's simple; Ears & Tails is a coin-flipping game!
When it's time, the emcee will ask all Ears & Tails participants to stand up. Before the auctioneer does the first coin toss, the emcee will ask you all to place your bet on "ears" or "tails", by placing you hands on your ears or your . . . "tails". Keep your hands in place!
The auctioneer will flip the coin and announce the result. If your choice matches the coin flip, you get to stay standing-if not, you are out of the game (unless you bought extra "chances"). If you bought extra strands of beads, then remove one strand and stay in the game!
The emcee continues asking participants to select "ears" or "tails" and flipping the coin, eliminating more players until only a handful are left.
When only a few finalists remain, they'll be asked to come to the stage for the final few coin tosses, until only one player is left standing - the winner of $500!