The Family History Package

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Value: $750

The Family History Package includes a two-hour interview session, transcription of the interview into a printed booklet and a digital file which can be used if you wish to expand the transcription with your photos or other digital memorabilia.

The remembrances - unique individuals, stories and legends - are the "threads" from which a family's culture is woven. Sadly, when the family patriarch or matriarch passes on, so do those precious "threads." Al Betz has been assisting families in preserving those family treasures of family members, stories, and legends for over two decades. Using his skill as a professional court reporter he simultaneously records the remembrances of the family member as he interviews him or her, skillfully and gently luring memories out of the past.

Contact Al Betz to schedule a two-hour interview session, call 877-402-3376 or email INFO@ALBETZREPORTING.COM

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