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Smoooches Daemon

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21.75"W x 21.75"H Framed Acrylic on Pet Cone and Cardboard. Signed on the back by the Artist. Dogs evolved with humans, I don't mean they just evolved like other animals did, they evolved to be part of us, our daemons if you will (See/google 'His Dark Materials'). This means that what ever a dog suffers, hunger, hatred,'s because of humans. No dog, no human, wants to be angry or vicious...its what humans do, to us, to them. They deserve our respect, love and help. Plus they give good smooooshes. - Godmachine NOTE to Winner: Item will ship via UPS ground within 10 days of closing. Shipping within the continental US is included. International winners will be charged a shipping fee. Henry Schein or VCA Customers: If you are the winning bidder, your HSAH sales rep will receive your piece and deliver to your hospital within three weeks.

Donated By Artist Godmachine