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Ephraim Pearl Necklace

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Antique Rose Silk Lace and Swarovski Pearls from Nigeria, West Africa
Unique and hand-crafted

- Handmade silk fiber, aged in organic plant-based extract
- Ancient weaving tradition
- Crotchet
- 17th-century needlepoint lace making

Shirley Ephraim's designs are handmade with skills and techniques learned from her mother and the tribal artisans of her childhood. She has stood out in the trade with precious and rare jewelry pieces that are reminiscent of old world luxury. Each finished product is an earthy yet luxurious piece.

Ephraim's designs are made entirely with sustainable, natural and ethically-sourced materials such as precious stones, luxurious handmade silk fibers, organic plant extracts, low-impact Swarovski crystals and organic nacre.

Collaborations include the Shirley Ephraim for Donna Karan collection, which was sold in Donna Karan stores across the U.S. and U.K.

Donated by Dalel Tartak, MD