Giving Tuesday is dedicated to giving back! Your contributions will help aging adults and Curry to be set up for success leading into the new year.


For over 50 years, Curry Senior Center has been dedicated to helping low-income and homeless seniors through a holistic care approach. Many of the seniors that come to Curry are without a safety net of friends, family, and resources. Seniors rely on Curry for services such as health care, case management, socialization, housing, and meals to help them remain living independently. Your donation helps to make our mission possible and impacts the lives of aging adults in San Francisco. 


  •  A $1,000 donation helps acquire tablets, iPads, and Fitbits for direct use by the seniors participating in Curry's Senior Vitality and Curry Technology Support Programs.


  • A $500 donation helps fund our Client Assistance/Independence Fund. Seniors often face unexpected medical expenses that are not fully covered by Medicare. Seniors who have been homeless need help paying a security deposit when a room becomes available in a residential hotel.


  • A $250 donation can help underwrite the cost of "Healthy Living" classes for seniors to learn about topics including heart health, Diabetes, Alzheimer's, HIV, and healthy aging strategies.


  • A $150 donation provides a home visit from a Curry Clinical Case Manager to a homebound elder too frail to attend an appointment in person.


  • A $100 donation helps pay for transportation and companion services that guarantee that seniors arrive safely for their medical and other health appointments. 


  • A $50 donation provides essential care items to seniors. Many seniors are on fixed incomes and don't have money at the end of the month for essential personal care items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, and lotions.

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