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Quality programming and staffing costs $860 per month for one year-round member and $630 per week for one summer camp teen.

Fees for members start at $355 BELOW cost. This means a year-round participant will pay AT MOST $475 per month and summer camp participant pay AT MOST $275 per week. We also provide need-based scholarships to further reduce a participant's fees. Donations received tonight help us accomplish this very important goal.

$1720 - Two months of programming for one year-round participant.

$860 - One month of programming for one year-round participant.

$630 - A week of summer camp for one teen.

$150 - One field trip for twelve participants.

$75 - One clubhouse pizza party.

$35 - One month of program supplies for one participant.

$1 - Because every dollar makes a difference!


A Night with Next Step



Next Step Clubhouse will host "A Night with Next Step" on Saturday February 24th in the First United Methodist Church of Charlotte. This very special evening will be our eighth consecutive year hosting the event. "A Night With Next Step" features performances of song, dance, and studio art by Exceptional Individuals. The show is produced and will be performed by Clubhouse members before a live audience. This is truly one of Charlotte's premier events and we would be honored to have you join us.

A Night with Next Step is designed to help fulfill part of the Next Step Clubhouse mission of socializing with the community. A Night with Next Step allows our members to do just that; socialize with YOU. Our goal is to have a sell-out crowd watching so that the performers can feel like rock stars! So please, come join us for A Night with Next Step!


Proceeds from A Night with Next Step are a significant source of funding for our programs at Next Step Clubhouse and so your support is greatly appreciated!

Next Step Clubhouse




Next Step Clubhouse (NSC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established to serve individuals with special needs in the Greater Charlotte area by targeting social and recreational objectives not met by educational institutions or the community at large.  

What started as a small group of individuals with special needs has grown in size. Next Step Clubhouse is currently serving over 50 individuals with intellectual and or developmental disabilities. Next Step Clubhouse's long term goal is to build its own recreational and administrative facility that continues to remain centrally located in Charlotte.

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Silent Auction

Silent Auction opens January 29, 2024 at 12:00pm & closes Saturday, February 24, 2024 at 8:15pm.



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