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Advancing Tomorrow's Health Today: Funding Soroka's Emergency Response & The Dr. Joel Sheinfeld Urology Institute


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THE NEW COMPREHENSIVE UROLOGY INSTITUTE will advance the frontiers of Urologic care, improve outcomes and train the urologic surgeons of tomorrow. Based on a foundation of research, innovation, education, and global collaboration, housed in a state-of-the-art new facility, Urologic Care will be transformed for the Negev.


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In times of peace, Soroka is celebrated for its centers of excellence, ground-breaking research, life-saving treatments and extraordinary staff. Today, Soroka is at the forefront in responding to the war fulfilling its role as Israel's Medical Iron Dome, responsible for healing Israel's wounded.

The sheer magnitude of casualties of this war, with 680 patients treated on October 7, and to-date 2.443 injured patients treated at Soroka, has tested our treatment capacity. For the seriously injured, a swift transition to rehabilitation is crucial for their full recovery. In order to meet this need, Soroka is opening and equipping new intensive care and rehabilitation units, with unwavering commitment to their humanitarian promise to the people of Israel.

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Hear from the Mayor of Be'er Sheva, Reuven "Ruvik" Danilovich, Highlighting Soroka's Crucial Work

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