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July 24, 2023 - August 31, 2023

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Helping Horse horses are one of a kind, and they deserve the best care.  Our Horseshoe Campaign helps us raise money that goes directly to our herds' needs.  By donating through the Helping Horse Horseshoe Campaign, your donation provides grain, hay, veterinarian services, farrier visits, medication, and supplements for each horse.



Check out the "Items" page or "View Horseshoes" button above and chose either 1) one of our pre-selected Horseshoe amounts, or 2) select the Open Donation option to donate any amount you choose. If you choose the Open Donation, be sure to include a comment with what horse or horses you want your donation to support!


All donations are welcome! Those who donate at our Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels will receive their name on the horses stall and a thank you breakfast at the farm this Fall! Platinum donors will receive recognition on our website as well.   


We'll be tracking the Horseshoe Campaign's progress on our virtual sensory trail!  Help each horse make it around the sensory trail by donating to their care.  Each time you donate, your donation goes directly to the horse you choose to support.  As donations accumulate, we will update each horse's total donations received by progressing them around our sensory trail.  Who will be the first to win?  Help your favorite pony make it back to the barn by donating today!

Horseshoe Campaign Progress


Watch as each of our horses attempt to make their way around our sensory trail!  As contributions come in, our horses will progress through a series of challenges around the trail.   Help each horse make their way back to the barn by contributing to their total care for the entire year.  Updates will be posted every other day.  Who will make it back first?!  Stay tuned...

$20,000 Goal


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