Center for Independence NW

July 09, 2023 12:30 - 3:30 pm

The Hope Collective, West Miller Road, Lake Zurich, IL, USA

Join Us for Disc Golf!


The mission of the Center for Independence is to help children and young adults with disabilities achieve their highest level of independence in the home, school, community and workplace.  We provide Conductive Education therapy programs that develop life skills and motor function in a matter that promotes positive self-reliance, self-esteem and an "I Can" attitude. NO CHILD IS EVER TURNED AWAY DUE TO INABILITY TO PAY. 


Join us for a Disc Golf Tournament and Summer Festival on August 4th! Enjoy the summer weather, play some disc golf and raise money for children with disabilities all at the same time!


Northwest Highlights....


  • We are so grateful for our new home at the Hope Collective in Lake Zurich!  Thank you to everyone at the church for their generosity!
  • The Center children held a lemonade stand during 2021 summer camp to help raise money for an accessible playground at the Hope Collective.
  • Volunteers at the Hope Collective built us a storage shed so we were able to permanently move to the Hope Collective and store all of our necessary equipment.  Thank you!
  • We support our families by loaning and delivering equipment, making home visits, and attending IEPs.






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Center for Independence Through Conductive Educ.
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The Hope Collective, West Miller Road, Lake Zurich, IL, USA

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