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More about what H O P E means for MHHC, the MHHC Foundation, and the communities we serve in the Bronx and Brooklyn...

In 2023, in defiance of recent adversity and undeterred by longstanding challenges, we are united with our community in striving toward a better tomorrow for ourselves and our children.


By providing high quality primary, dental and specialty ambulatory care, we safeguard and improve your physical, mental and social well-being. Our preventive care, which includes immunizations and vaccinations, supports you and your family through all the stages of life.



By integrating clinical care with the resources and tools you need to succeed - from insurance navigation and health literacy programs to food support and scholarships for high school students - we help you achieve your wellness and life goals.



By promoting inclusiveness, valuing diversity, and functioning with integrity, we serve with compassion and respect. You are seen and heard. Our patient-centered model, care coordination, and case management enable us to work one-on-one with you, understand your challenges and goals, earn your trust, and empower you to thrive.



By innovating to meet your needs and expand your access to preventive, age, and disease-specific care through programs such as Achieving Diabetes Excellence and Age Well for older adults, we support the highest possible standard of health for all.

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