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We are thrilled and excited to announce...

Olivia Bennett will be joining us Saturday, April, 22nd at 6:30 pm! After speaking with her and hearing about her story we felt so honored when she told us her support for The Tom and Susan Durant Foundation and all the non profit organizations we support. Olivia has generously offered to donate some proceeds from each purchase back to The Tom and Susan Durant Foundation.


Olivia is an internationally recognized fine artist who found her artistic gift at age 5, while battling Leukemia. What started as a hobby and emotional escape from her cancer treatment soon turned into her passion and full-time career.


Olivia will be showcasing many of her works of art including her paintings and merchandise. Go check our her collection of boots, you wont regret it!

 Olivia has generously offered to donate 50% of her paintings and 25% of her merchandise proceeds from each purchase back to The Tom and Susan Durant Foundation.




2nd Annual Wine Tasting Event

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 All proceeds raised will be matched 100% and benefit 13 local non profits.

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