2022 Lo Máximo

March 12, 2022 5:00 - 10:00 pm

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All gifts made will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $200,000, thanks to the tremendous generosity of the Johnny Carson Foundation.

The programs of Homeboy Industries create a space for someone to see the best version of who they are. Through the breadth of our work, and the courage of our community clients and trainees, we are creating a world where kinship can heal individuals and the wider community. Thank you for helping to make that world possible through your support tonight.

Your donation of $50,000 can help create quality jobs and job training. 

Our cornerstone 18-month program is centered on healing alongside workforce training. Trainees gradually develop key skills while beginning to heal from past traumas by participating in classes (both work readiness and individual development), holding jobs in our social enterprises, and ultimately securing permanent jobs in the workforce. Your support can help thousands of people on their journey to healing this year - as they seek their first jobs, breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty and violence.

Your gift of $25,000 can help provide safe homes for everyone.

75% of the clients we serve fit the HUD definition of homeless - they don't know where they are going to sleep from night to night. We are committed to providing our clients with a safe place to call home while they start their journey to find the best version of themselves. While we are pursuing our dream of expanding our campus to include transitional housing for trainees in our program, we have a dedicated team working on helping our clients find affordable long term housing opportunities. Your gift of $25,000 can support items like rental assistance, and a housing navigation team that is working around the clock to alleviate housing crises for hundreds of people every year.

Your donation of $10,000 can help support a place for every child and caring for our youth. 

Our Youth Reentry Center provides structured enrichment programs that provide healing and wellness for youth and young adults so that they might experience safety and flourish. It is proven that art can be a valuable tool for healing. The Homeboy Art Academy uses the power of creativity to process life experiences and pave pathways into the creative economy. Your gift of $10,000 can enable dozens of excursions for youth to see the world, provide important mental health services for those in need, and provide case management for every child so that we walk with young people on their journeys to a better life.

Your donation of $5,000 can help deliver diplomas through education. 

Each day at Homeboy Industries, members of our community are in classes, participating in study sessions, working with tutors, and receiving GEDs. More are continuing to advance their education through our Pathways to College program. We launched this program recognizing that our population, most of whom are first-generation college students, face unique challenges to enrolling, persisting, and graduating from college. Your donation of $5,000 to support education at Homeboy will empower hundreds of students as they achieve educational milestones, providing a critical foundation for their futures.


Your donation of $2,500 can help build leaders from within.

65% of our senior staff have lived experience and are a crucial part of our secret sauce. Their unique insight is what makes our program so special and effective. These credible witnesses have transformed their own lives in our program and have chosen to stay at Homeboy to help transform the lives of others. Your support will enable us to continue investing in leadership development for over 100 staff with lived experience, which is a significant priority and central to our theory of change as we stand with the most marginalized.

Your donation of $1,000 can help support Emergency Funding. 

When emergencies happen - like needing food before a first paycheck comes or supplies for a newborn - Homeboy Industries provides direct support to keep members of our community focused on their health, healing and workforce training. In the past two years, this funding has been more important than ever as our community has navigated the challenges of the pandemic. Your support helps to meet unbudgeted needs by providing funds that can be directed to our clients in crisis.


Your donation of $500 can help support Tattoo Removal.

Visible tattoos can be a major obstacle to employment. No other organization in the world removes as many tattoos as Homeboy Industries, and we do it for free. In a typical year, our volunteer medical team helps over 10,000 members of our community with this service. It is also a valuable entry point to learn more about our classes and other services. With your support, you can change the trajectory of someone's life by removing their tattoo.

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