Join us on Saturday, April 6, 2024 at 6:00pm for a fun night as we celebrate sixty five in style! This school year (2023-2024) Cardinal Spellman High School is honored and thrilled to commemorate sixty five successful years of providing a premier Catholic education on the South Shore. Throughout these years, Cardinal Spellman High School has worked tirelessly to prepare students for a bright future by encouraging students to explore new avenues of learning, athletics, and artistic expression while at the same time inspiring students to discover their unique potential as learners and leaders, serving their community, their Church and the world. By attending this special event, you will be directly impacting Spellman's mission and today's students. 


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Not able to join us on April 6th but still want to contribute? Join us in spirit as we CELEBRATE 65. Donate now in support of Cardinal Spellman High School. In honor of our 65th anniversary become a 'sapphire' donor by donating $65, $650, $6,500, or $65,000 (or donate any amount you wish). No donation is too small or too large, gifts have an impact on the Spellman community that reaches far beyond the amount donated. Each gift from a donor represents support for our community and Spellman's mission.

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