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Help us match a $20,000 donation from a very generous anonymous donor.

Your donation in any amount will help us reach our goal of $20,000 to match our anonymous donor and raise enough money to purchase a new truck.

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Help me raise money for Natural Land Institute to buy a new truck.

Your donation in any amount will go towards the $20,000 match that is needed to purchase a truck that will help land stewardship staff and volunteers do their work to manage and restore NLI preserves.

Another One Bites the Dust! 

NLI Needs a New Truck

Okay, so the truck shown above is not the truck we will be replacing, but our F250 is as inoperable as the one shown above. Our trucks are important to the work that we do, and we now have a special opportunity to purchase a new one.

Over the years, the land stewardship staff of Natural Land Institute has been fortunate to have vehicles donated for NLI's stewardship work. One such vehicle was a 2003 white F250 Ford truck, which was donated nine years ago. But as it is said - "All good things must come to an end," and this very invaluable truck met its demise this past spring. It has succumbed to insurmountable and costly issues!

In addition to the white truck, NLI currently owns two other trucks. The oldest, a 2007 green Chevrolet pickup, has more than 200,000 miles on it, and it no longer has the capacity to tow, something that is very important as staff moves from preserve to preserve.

NLI trucks are the "work horses" for the restoration and maintenance work that is undertaken at various NLI preserves. Trucks are crucial for completing both major tasks and day-to-day chores. They afford NLI staff the mobility needed to get crews to volunteer workdays and staff to daily assignments.

Over the past sixty years, NLI has evolved into an organization focusing on vital ecosystem services, organizational collaborations, and community education to create awareness about the importance of this work. 

NLI couldn't do it without your ongoing support! And NLI can't do it without this truck!

A $20,000 gift from a very generous, anonymous donor requires a match of an equal amount to raise enough funds to pay for a new truck. To that end, NLI is seeking the additional $20,000 needed to be able to purchase this very important piece of equipment. The total cost of the proposed truck is $51,000 ($11,000 is already pledged for necessary add-ons).

Stewardship Director Zach Grycan has identified an F350 Ford truck which may not be as heavy duty, but which provides additional options for moving equipment and staff around to all of NLI's preserves and which also has great towing capacity.


Some  of the uses for the new truck include the following: conservation easement monitoring, controlled burns, planting projects, volunteer workdays, invasive species removal, seed collection, setting-up and tearing down for events, towing equipment to other preserves.

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