Give Thanks and Give a Gift that Will Impact Others for Years to Come! 

Since 1950 and 1983, Camp Chrysalis and Ebert Ranch have provided ministry for thousands of people.  Your donation on GivingTuesday will provide a chance for people to learn to live in God's community, form lasting intergenerational relationships, hear their calling as children of God, and help get us closer to raising our $80,000 goal by the end of the year.  Participate in this year's GivingTuesday event and give today for many more years of ministry at our sites and beyond!


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GivingTuesday Live Virtual Events


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Donate Now

Registration is not required to donate in this section! Payment is processed at the time of the donation.

Become a Recurring Donor!

Leadership donors set the pace and lead the way for others to share in this vital ministry.

These gifts enable us to offer outstanding programs, maintain the day to day operations of all sites, supplement the fees paid by campers and retreaters, provide camperships, and continually update our facilities.  All donors, regardless of giving level, have their name printed in our annual report and newsletter, and receive our very sincere appreciate for their support.


This year we are excited that our payment processor, MinistryLinq, has pledged to match up to $1000!  Funds are matched when a new recurring donor signs up and pledges to give.  For every new recurring donor, MinistryLinq will match the donation that is made on GivingTuesday up to $50.  That means if you become a recurring donor and you pledge to give $5 per month, MinistryLinq will match your $5!  If you are able to give in any amount in a recurring manner, we ask that you prayerfully consider becoming a recurring donor.


Commemorative Camp Ornament- Individuals and families who are or become recurring donors and pledge to give at least $120 annually by December 31, 2021 (that's just $10 per month!) will receive a commemorative camp ornament.  Ornaments are a new camp tradition that will be part of this annual event.


Trailblazer Giving Club- Individuals and families who are or become recurring donors pledge to give at least $300 by December 31, 2021 (that's just $25 per month!) will receive a commemorative camp ornament and become a "Trailblazer"!  Trailblazers set the pace for financial leadership and provide much needed annual support.


Become A Recurring Donor


Make sure when you get to our donation page that you scroll down to "Choose a Designation" and click on "Recurring".  You will be given several options (weekly, monthly, annually, etc) of how your gift will recur in the future.

GivingTuesday Live Virtual Events

Join us live on Facebook to participate in the following events:


Live Donor Thank Yous- Tune in at 9am, 11am, 3pm, and 5pm for a chance to hear our staff thank you for your donation live on air!


Spin the Wheel- Buy a $5 ticket and our staff will spin our Wheel of Giving for you!  You could be challenged to give a little more, or you could win a gift's up to the wheel to decide!  Buy a ticket before 10am or 6pm and tune in at 10am and 6pm to see your wheel spin!  Registration and/or sign in is required to buy a ticket.


Virtual Singalong- We will sing around a campfire for this virtual singalong from 7pm to 8pm or for as many songs as were purchased.  The best part is...YOU get to decide the songs!  Go to the "Items" tab and cast your vote to hear your favorite song by donating $5.  Registration and/or sign in is required to cast a vote.


Join Us Live On Facebook

Help Spread the Word! 

GivingTuesday is more than just monetary giving!  See what our bishop and board members shared last year & how they hoped their gifts would impact this year & the future of camp!  We want to hear from you!  Share your experiences at camp with others & tell them how they can learn more about Cross Trails Ministry.  Sharing on social media?  Use the hashtag #andwewill or tag us on Instagram using @cross_trails to connect with us and say, "This is why I chose to give!"

Bishop Sue Briner gave for many more years of young leaders!


Click here to download a "This is Why I Chose to Give!" sign for your own picture!



Board member Darcy Mittelstaedt gave for more years of camp memories!


Board member Marcus Bigott gave for more years of experiencing God in creation!

Board member James Ehler gave for more years of formative experiences for future church leaders!

Board member Denise Blomquist gave for more years of camper smiles!

Board member Jonathan Zitelman gave for more years of God in the wilderness!

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