Honor the Memory of Candace C.W. Antwine

Named to honor Ms. Antwine, who served on the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County from 2018-2021, the Candace C.W. Antwine Military Service Award is awarded each May to AACPS students who have made the commitment by enlisting to serve in the US military upon graduation. The award assists awardees with initial expenses related to enlisting. These initial expenses include the costs of basic training supplies which, over the course of basic training, can amount to several hundred dollars. This award aims to remove financial barriers to enlisting.


U.S. Navy veteran Ms. Antwine was elected to represent District 1 for the Board of Education of Anne Arundel County in November 2018. Ms. Antwine was a committed voice for children in need and for military families throughout Anne Arundel County. She also concentrated her efforts on eradicating bullying and racial tension in schools and expanding specialized accommodations to assist students with disabilities.  


Ms. Antwine served our country in active duty, reserve, and civil servant capacities, including positions with the National Security Agency via the Naval Security Group, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security. She held a bachelor's degree in Broadcasting from the Mississippi University for Women and a master's degree in Acquisition and Procurement from Webster University. She also completed graduate work in Communication, Leadership and Organizational Change at Hawaii Pacific University. 

Ms. Antwine passed away unexpectedly in July 2021.  Thank you for supporting the Candace C.W. Antwine Military Service Award fund.


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