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At the Waldorf School of Atlanta, it takes OUR village to grow our children, cultivate our community, and sustain our school. 

As a current WSA family, alumni parent, or friend of WSA, YOU are invited to support OUR village through It Takes OUR Village 2021-22 Annual Fund and help reach 100% community participation and $100,000 raised.  

It Takes OUR Village 2021-22 Annual Fund directly supports the priorities of our school - our students, faculty and campus. Read more about this year's funding priorities HERE.

Get inspired with a special message from It Takes OUR Village 2021-22 Annual Fund Chair HERE!

As the Waldorf in the Woods experience continues this school year -- our students and faculty are together in the learning village among the trees, and our village is thriving together - we are asking every community member in OUR village to step up to contribute their gifts to ensure that OUR village continues to thrive and grow. 

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Support WSA's 2021-22 priority areas with your donation to this year's Annual Fund.

Every gift of every size counts towards our goal of 100% WSA Community Participation!

It Takes OUR Village Funding Priorities:

WSA's Faculty Professional Development 

Invest in WSA's faculty's ongoing professional development, mentoring, and training so they can continue to teach and lead our students in extraordinary ways in the rich Waldorf educational tradition. This investment will expand the resources available to WSA faculty for intensive summer trainings, professional conferences and workshops, and the multi-year in-depth program for mentoring and evaluating Waldorf teachers. 

WSA's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiative 

Invest in WSA's ongoing commitment to embracing and advancing diversity, being advocates for social justice, and working toward equity and inclusion in our classrooms, our community, and our world. This investment is directed at expanding WSA's DEI faculty, and community resources and programs for our students, faculty, and community.

   WSA's Tree Preservation & Stewardship

Invest in WSA's commitment to stewarding our 6+ acres of unique tree canopy to ensure the health and safety of our trees, outdoor classrooms, and students and faculty who continue to learn and. grown under the trees.  This investment is directed at the ongoing evaluation, preservation, and maintenance of our trees and community educational programs.

WSA's Campus Improvements & Maintenance 

Invest in WSA's commitment to improve and maintain our extensive indoor and outdoor classrooms and campus facilities, buildings & tents, from our bountiful learning Garden to our numerous play and learning areas from Early Childhood Education through the Grades in our 6+ acre campus. This investment is directed at meeting the ongoing "on the ground" needs that includes heavy landscaping, drainage solutions, and new learning areas, plus tools, supplies and labor. 

The Waldorf School of Atlanta

The Waldorf School of Atlanta
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