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Southside Symposium 2023 will be held at the Hilton Hotel Peachtree City 

Feb 3, 2023 (2/3/23)

Speaker Details Coming Soon....





View our 2021 Symposium Program

2021 Symposium Program


2021 Keynote Speakers

Hartley Steiner
Dr. Suvrat Bhargave
Vivek Patel


  2021 Speakers

  • Dr. Margaret Weaver
  • Julie Evans, LPC
  • Dr. Bruce Grant
  • Hank Arnold, Coweta FORCE
  • Pam Reid, Author
  • Lou Koon, Chaplain
  • Daniel Campen, Attorney
  • Bekah Fisher, LPC, CPCS
  • Norma Stanley, Speaker/Trainer


Moderators and Panelists:

Self Care Panel: Moderator Raissa Chandler, with Kelly Pickett, Molli Pruitt, Sandra Salter, Meera Sarin, Christina Tracy, and Sheila Wyatt
Managing your Child's Mental Health Panel: Moderator Sandrine Neely with Evelyn Corley, Dr. Bruce Grant, Kristen Jewell, Vivek Patel and Hartley Steiner

Uncommon Therapies Panel: Moderator Annie Singh-Quern with Suzanne Aaron, Lissa Corcoran, Dr. Bruce Grant, Katherine Nimphius and Sandra Salter

Faith Panel: Moderator Pam Reid with Don Feuerbach, Rabbi Mendel Groner, Meg Schwartzrock and Jessica Walker




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Southside Support Inc

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