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Thank you so much for making a donation to Team Luke Hope for Minds. Our ability to support children and families during such critial times is made possible by generous donors like you.


The Power of One Gift

$25 could pay for a gift card to a family in the hospital

$50 could pay for a personal advocate for a family for one hour

$100 could pay for a care package for a family in the hospital or rehab center

$200 could pay for 2 hours of physical therapy

$320 could pay for 4 hours of counseling

$560 could pay for one month of vision therapy

$1,000 could pay for a family's rent for one month

$2,250 could pay for 30 neurofeedback sessions

$3,000 could pay for 20 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

$3,500 could pay for an adaptive bike

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If you are trying to make a donation in memory of Dr. Stephen Michael Berque, please click here.

If you are trying to make a donation in memory of Kody Allen Martindale, please click here.

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