Latinos are among the most impacted by COVID-19, yet for many, the stigma against seeking assistance halts them from accessing the support they need. When it comes to emotional wellness, the need is great - and growing! 

  • 40% of Latinos nationwide reported experiencing frequent symptoms of anxiety 
  • More than 50% of Hispanic young adults ages 18-25 with serious mental illness may not receive treatment
  • Only approximately 34% of Hispanic/Latino adults with mental illness receive treatment each year compared to the U.S. average of 45%
  • According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2018, 19% of Hispanic people had no form of health insurance

Language barriers too can make communicating with providers difficult, or even impossible, particularly when a person is seeking counseling for sensitive or uniquely personal issues. These topics can be difficult for anyone to put into words, but it is especially difficult for those who may not speak the same language as a potential provider.

Although Spanish is the official language in most of Latin America, some Latino/Latinas may speak other languages or dialects, such as Quechua, Nahuatl or Portuguese. Additionally, Latino families may be bilingual or mixed-language families; therefore it is helpful for providers to ask what the client and families' preferred language is before starting an evaluation and to use interpreters when necessary.


At HGI, this Hispanic Heritage Month we are focusing on increasing our efforts to reach more Latino families and individuals through culturally-appropriate and in-language services. We need your help now more than ever!

When you give to HGI you make it possible for our highly-trained therapists to: 

  • Provide family and individual collaborative therapy sessions in Spanish and English 
  • Make services accessible by offering them at no cost or on a sliding scale based on income 
  • Combat the stigma against mental health and emotional wellness support 


Your generous gift can make a lasting impact in the lives of Latino individuals and families in our community right now. Please consider making a donation today. Every amount helps. Thank you! 


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