ACF 2021 Gala - Mad Hatter's Ball

May 17, 2021 - November 20, 2021 11:59 pm

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"Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible." - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Our donors make us feel this way every day! The only way that we are able to offer the amazing programs, activities and events that we do is through the generosity of our donors.

Every dollar helps. Please select an amount below or choose your own donation.


Autism Cares Foundation is ready to celebrate with our 12th Gala on November 20th, 2021...and we hope that you are too!  Let us put the pandemic behind us, kick up our heels and have some fun, supporting a great organization that does so much to help our special needs friends. 

The pandemic certainly brought about rapid changes and we want you to know that we adapted as well.  Within days of the pandemic closure, we converted our Adult Day Program to a Zoom format so our participants could continue with their special programming...this program went on to become a model for the state.  Our evening events calendar filled with a combination of live Zoom events?exercise, crafts, dance parties, karate, yoga, cooking, science experiments, art, and more.  Participation was overwhelming, evidence that our community relies on us, regardless of the situation, and that we care enough to respond. 

Here are a few words from two of our special friends' families...
"My son, Kevin, is an amazing young man who has autism, is non-verbal and needs a whole lot of support.  As he grew, I feared that he would not be able to socialize, let alone make friends. All that changed when we found ACF. He now has friends and gets to interact and socialize.  Autism Cares Foundation provided many events for him to interact with and look forward to. Your sponsorship helps make Autism Cares Foundation happen for my son". 

- Teresa, Kevin's mom 

"I just want to say thank you for including Natalie in the art show last night.  She was nervous, but got through it, and all your prep and planning is what made that possible. The art class, and the opportunity to present on Zoom were both amazing. Since it was a safe and good experience - we can now work on getting her to do other things like this as she transitions to adult life. Thank you again and God bless your team."

- Toni, Natalie's mom 

We hope that you find the above messages inspirational as these are but a few of the comments we regularly receive.  We know that the pandemic has created trying times for many businesses and families, yet we are asking you to stretch your support as far as possible.  The pandemic has also created financial constraints for Autism Cares Foundation, and we have been fortunate so far to have been able to continue our mission through the unsolicited generosity of individuals, businesses and friends.   

Kindly review the sponsorship information and please consider supporting our organization so that we may continue to help our special needs friends. 

The Brightest Stars are those that shine for the benefit of others! 


Deadline to sponsor and receive all sponsor benefits is:

October 27, 2021.

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Autism Cares Foundation
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