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For over a century, FCS has been serving the needs of vulnerable people throughout NJ; based in Monmouth County. For many of our nearly 10,000 clients, just getting basic necessities can be a challenge; and when a major crisis occurs, that challenge can become overwhelming.

FCS is often the last hope for people in crisis. But we do not do it alone. We depend on the generous support of people like you who care about their neighbors in need. Your gift to FCS can make a big difference in someone's life.

While the past two years have been unpredictable and challenging for all of us, it has been especially difficult for people who struggle daily with physical, developmental, or mental health issues, many of whom also lack the support needed to live safely, independently, and with the dignity that every human being deserves. These are the clients FCS serves. But we do not do it alone. We depend on the generosity of others - people like you who care about their neighbors in need. Neighbors like Evelyn and Jake...

Evelyn is 73 years old, legally blind and has Parkinson's disease. Her daughter and her family had been living with Evelyn and her husband, helping care for her parents as well as her disabled brother, when a series of crises overtook the family: Evelyn's husband passed away, COVID-19 hit, schools changed to remote learning and the adult day care program that Evelyn's son attended closed due to the pandemic, and her grandsons were both diagnosed with serious health problems. As a result, Evelyn's daughter stopped working, the family's income decreased significantly, and the bills began piling up. Between caring for her mom, going to medical appointments, and home schooling, Evelyn's daughter barely had time to cook. It was overwhelming. That's when FCS stepped in to help. FCS provided the family with resources that helped them pay their bills and suggested they sign the grandchildren up for Operation Sleighbells, the agency's holiday gift giving program. Through the FCS Client Emergency Relief Fund, the agency also paid a part of their outstanding property tax bill, reducing the risk of losing their home. And the agency's Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving program now enables Evelyn's daughter to care for her mom and be paid as a Participant Employed Provider.

Jake runs his own successful business and had encouraged his parents to move from their NJ home to another state where he lives with his family. But his parents didn't want to leave, and his dad's declining health made moving increasingly difficult. Jake's mom, who was showing signs of dementia, was caring for his father, who suffers from multiple serious physical and mental health issues, and was bedridden. Despite initial resistance to offers of help, friends and neighbors began taking them groceries, cleaning the house, doing yard work, and helping care for Jake's dad. But it was clear, Jake's parents needed a professional care plan. Jake contacted FCS Community Support Services and a caseworker visited his parents to assess the situation. At the caseworker's recommendation, a physical therapist began to visit the home as well as FCS Certified Home Health Aide, Tony, who quickly overcame their reluctance at accepting help and is now treated like a family friend. Jake was present for his father's six-month reassessment.

When the caseworker arrived, Jake was installing a wheelchair ramp off his parent's back deck. He was emotional about his dad's improvement. His dad is no longer bed bound and is spending time on the deck, in the sun, for the first time in over six years. He can now sit up, stand up, wheel himself in his wheelchair, walk with his walker, and even take a few steps unassisted. The progress has been remarkable - the coordination of physical therapy and Home Care Services having made all the difference. Jake is relieved that there is now a viable plan that will keep his parents safe in their own home for as long as possible.

During this season of giving, keep in mind the thousands of people like Evelyn and Jake who rely on FCS and your philanthropic support. Then please give as generously as you are able.

Thank you for your consideration.

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