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Girl Empowerment Learning Center in Kenya is fully funded with $12,000 USD. Your donations NOW will fund your school choices in Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, India, Laos, and others.


Our Story
: As former "Boat People" refugees from the Vietnam war, in everything we do, we believe in 2nd chance.

We believe in giving differently. The way we give 2nd chance is by providing education to underserved children, creating jobs for forgotten parents, and empowering ownership to villagers. 

We just happen to build 100 schools globally. Want to help us Build a School and Leave a Legacy?

Our Accomplishments: Since 2016, our 501.c.3 has funded 82 schools, bridges, scholarships, and educational projects in America, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Kenya, and (soon) India and Laos.  

Our Biggest Budget for a 5-room School in Kenya, Africa (Phase I) is now fully funded. The Girl Empowerment Learning Center costs $12,000 USD.  Our Founders Jimmy & Lily Thai donated $6,000 USD to start and your generosity did the rest. Now you can help 1,000's kids in Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, India, and Laos by taking part in our Final 5K Walk for Dreams fundraise on 9/26/2021 in San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco/San Jose, Houston, Washington DC, Taiwan, and Vietnam.  You can donate on our easy, user-friendly GiveSmart platform.  Every dollar counts, and your Legacy will last for generations.  Thank YOU for making a difference. 


26SEP21 5K Walk



Mission Statement 

Build A School Foundation seeks to provide educational opportunities for poor children of the world by funding classroom constructions, school-related infrastructures, teaching and learning equipment, "need-based" scholarships and basic healthcare needs.


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2020 was a challenging year for all of us, including Build a School Foundation charity. With the generous supports of GiveSmart Gives Back team in 2021, we aim to raise $50,000 and build 10 more schools and bridges in Vietnam. Together, we will march toward Vision100: Build 100 Schools Globally by 2025.

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