NIAD is proud to have Ghost Town as an in-kind sponsor for Win Win 8. NIAD thanks Foggy Notion SF for supporting Win Win each year. NIAD thanks Paulson Fontaine Press for annual support of Win Win. NIAD is proud to have GoldLine Brands as an in-kind sponsor for Win Win 8. NIAD thanks Red Bay Coffee for generously providing coffee for Win Win 8! NIAD thanks CoBiz Richmond, site host and partner for Win Win 8! NIAD thanks mack5 for NIAD exhibitions and Win Win support!

WIN WIN 8: NIAD Art Center's
Eighth Annual Benefit Fundraiser

March 07, 2020 3:00 - 6:00 pm

CoBiz Richmond, Macdonald Avenue, Richmond, CA, USA

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$10,000 Goal


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Win Win 8 couldn't happen without the generous sponsorship of our Art World Sponsors - community members who commit to making this party a win for everyone involved.

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Win Win 8 Art World Sponsors:

Adams and Ollman - Amy Hargreaves - Anonymous Donors
Anthony Grant - Antonia Dapena-Tretter - Berkeley Art Center
Bob Linder - Books For All Press - Carol Newborg - Caryl Horn
Catherine Haley Epstein - CoBiz Richmond - Cody Hudson - Curtis Turner - Dan Golden
Daniel Nevers - Foggy Notion - Ghost Town Brewing - GoldLine Brands - Jay Wehnert
Jay Youngdahl - Jean-Pascal Fournier - Jennifer Easton - Jocelyn Saidenberg
John Ziesenhenne - Jody Knowlton / Artsource Consulting
John Casey - Kapp Kapp, New York and Philadelphia - Kathleen King
Kathy Lam & Eve Arbogast - Ken Weathersby and Michele Alpern - Laurel Shear
Laurie Reid and Charlie Casey - Left Field Gallery - Leftside Printing
Lisa Solomon - Lizeht Zepeda - Lorrie Fink - mack5 - Mark Golden - Maria Porges - Marjorie Leeds
Marla Aufmuth - Michel Vidal - Mule Design / Gallery - Nina and John Zurier - Paulson-Fontaine Press
Raymond McKenzie - Ryan Schneider - Sarah Rothstein - Scott MacLeod - SHRINE Gallery
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Party - Tiffany Schmierer - Tim Buckwalter - We Are Lions - ZAZ10TS



Diego Garcia

Silent Auction:

Featuring amazing works from Saul Alegria, Mireya Betances, Lisa Blevens, Jeremy Burleson, Deatra Colbert, Julio Del Rio, Luis Estrada, Sylvia Fragoso, Felicia Griffin, Shana Harper, Raven Harper, Nathan Lam, Julie MacDonald, Sara Malpass, Erica Martinez, Karen May, Ann Meade, Halisi Noel-Johnson, Maria Radilla, Dorrie Reid, Shantae Robinson, Jesus Salas, Esmeralda Silva, Tre'von Silva, Jonathan Velazquez, and Matthew Wilson. 

Live Auction:

Our live auction artworks donated by contemporary artists (who also support NIAD's mission) include John Casey, David Huffman, Colter Jacobsen, Sahar Khoury, Cara Levine, Alicia McCarthy, Masako Miki, Marlon Mullen, Christine Wong Yap, and more. Onsite and offsite winners announced at Win Win 8. Auctioneer: John Ziesenhenne.

Hosted By

Nurturing Independence Through Artistic Development
Questions about Win Win 8? Contact Ingrid, Alice, or Amanda at NIAD for more details.


CoBiz Richmond, Macdonald Avenue, Richmond, CA, USA

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