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Who Are We?

Support Hoover Ridge, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit made up of a group of volunteers who help raise and organize funds to go directly to Hoover Ridge Park projects and activities. The specific mission of this corporation is to provide funding for the purchase of equipment, supplies, materials, and any other items for Hoover Ridge Park or Madison County Parks and Recreation Authority for the general improvement of facilities. 

Funds raised by Support Hoover Ridge have been through donations and grants. The fitness stations, bike path, new picnic shelters, park grills, and several other small projects have been funded or supported by SHR.

Board Members:
Valerie Miller - President
Carlton Yowell - Secretary/Treasurer
Stacey Smith
Julie Holbrook
Chris Artale
Peter Work


Why Choose Us?

Support Hoover Ridge is currently helping Madison Parks and Recreation fundraise for the new Outdoor Recreation Center, which will be located in Hoover Ridge Park. The new center will have a splash pad, accessible playground, roller hockey rink, basketball courts, tennis and pickleball courts, picnic shelter, restrooms, concession stand, and accessible walking paths.

This new recreation center will provide equitable access to recreation for people of all ages, all year long. This project will have something for everyone, all day long!


What have we been working on?

In addition to raising funds for the Hoover Ridge Outdoor Recreation Center and providing scholarship funding for youth programs, SHR has also completed several improvement projects at Hoover Ridge.

Past Projects:

Fitness Stations (grant)
Bike Path (grant)
Picnic Shelters (partially funded)
Park Grills
Flower Boxes (partially funded)
Youth Sports Scholarship Fund
Concession Stand (partially funded)

What are our needs?

We need to raise a total of 3,500,000 for the entire Hoover Ridge Outdoor Recreation Center Project. We currently have 2.1 million in committed and donated funds, leaving 1.4 million to raise for all phases of the project! YAY us!

To get started, we need to complete funding for Phase 1, which includes all the infrastructure - roads, walking paths, electrical work, plumbing, restrooms, concession stand, etc. Phase 2, which includes the Playground and Splash Pad, already has a donor willing to commit funding for the phase.

We need $680,000 to complete Phase 1 - Infrastructure. Can you help us reach our goal for 2024???



Entrance to Hoover Ridge Park

Hosted By Support Hoover Ridge

Support Hoover Ridge Inc
Questions? Please visit our website at www.hooverridge.com.

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