This is a 24-team two-person ROUND-ROBIN RECREATONAL tournament with an emphasis on FUN! ALL levels of play/abilities are welcome! We are playing at the 2 Chicken N Pickle locations --INDOORS -- and winners will have a chance to come together and determine MISSOURI'S "MO Beer" PICKLEBALL TEAM! Cost is $60 per team of two PER LOCATION. Sponsorships ARE available!

NOTE: Each team member will receive a can of beer (or similar or non alcoholic beverage) to be held at all times during the match and a ticket for another beverage to drink at players leisure. Finish your beverage during the match? Hold on to the empty can and/or reel free to purchase another can (or two!). 

DETAILS: Registration is from 3 to 4 p.m. Round robin begins at 4 p.m. on 4 indoor courts. Single elimination tournament will follow round robin play with winner crowned at end for each venue. Raffles and other swag will be given away throughout the event. ALL proceeds benefit MO Better Foundation.


Hosted By

MO Better Foundation

Chicklen n Pickle KC

Chicken N Pickle- St. Charles, South Main Street, Saint Charles, MO, USA

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