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We are thrilled to announce that during the event we unlocked a generous dollar-for-dollar match of $50,000 and exceeded our fundraising goal to support Jewish young adults at UW and across Seattle.  

Our generous pre-event sponsors are listed below.


Visionary Sponsors

Isaac Alhadeff Foundation

 Joann and Carl Bianco

 Loeb Family Charitable Foundation

 Karen's Family Foundation

Karen Mayers Liebman and Henry Liebman

Lois and Benjie z"l Mayers

Shauna Elizabeth Gamoran z"l 

Joel and Angiolina Gamoran

Alex and Andrea Gamoran

Erin and Eric Haber

 Rita and Herbert Rosen Family Foundation

 Gary and Karen Schwartz


Lead Sponsors

Krijn and Judy de Jonge

Francine and Richard Loeb

David and Amy Fulton Foundation

Gerry Huppin

Newman Family Foundation

Stan and Michele Rosen and Family

Mimi Rosen and Nathan Goldberg, Leslie Rosen, and Ana and Jack Rosen

Judy and Joe Schocken


Major Sponsors

Anonymous (2)

Julia Bacharach and Dan Cory

Elana and Andy Jassy

The Schultz Family Foundation

Isador Simon Family Foundation

Champion Sponsors



Anonymous (3)

Jacquie Bayley

Larry and Shelley Bensussen

Bobbe and Jon Bridge

Pam and Ed Bridge

Marilyn Corets and Adam Mihlstin

Arlene Ehrlich

Kathryn Fleischer & David Morris Stein

Gena and Sonny Gorasht

Carol and Allen Gown

Greenstein Family Foundation

Joel and Chris Huppin

Murray and Leslie Huppin

Lott Foundation

Jessica Pearlman and Anthony Oliver

Stan and Valerie Piha

Lucy and Herb Pruzan

Samis Foundation

Amee and Michael Sherer

Elizabeth Siegel and Sean Watson

Beth and Ray Silverstein



Patron Sponsors



John and Kelli Bernhard

Marilyn and Dick Brody

Zane and Melissa Brown

Julie and David Ellenhorn

Holzman Foundation, Inc.

The Howard and Frances Keller Foundation

David and Mindy Landsman

Harriet Litt






Jeff and Elysa Piha

Daniel Robbins and Stefanie Hader Robbins

Iris and Steven Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz

Tori and Jason Schwartz

Kathleen and Rob Spitzer

Alayne and Robert Sulkin

Daphne Minkoff and Noah Tratt

Brian and Ashley Wax

Benefactor Sponsors
($1,000 plus)



Emily and Aaron Alhadeff

Mitchell Alhadeff and Jessica Wald

Jack and Adina Almo

David and Terry Azose

Diane and Jean-Loup Baer

Nevet Basker and Gabriel Scherzer

Lynn and Howard Behar

Anna and Joe Brown

Ellice Ellenhorn and Michel Chriqui

Paul and Nancy Etsekson

Boris and Lisa Feldman

Richard and Barrie Galanti Foundation

Alex and Andrea Gamoran

Glazer's Camera

Rochelle and Bernard Goffe

Michelle and Brad Goldberg Fund

Nancy Greer and David Ross

Joseph Hamburg

Eddie and Marguerite Hasson

Renee and Josh Herst

Laura and Irv Karl

Donna and Stefan Keller

Janet and Robert Lackman

The LeVine Foundation

Jason and Rebecca Okrent

Jessica and Noah Peskin

Neil Ross and Lisbeth Davis Ross

Phillip and Therese Stein

Cindy and Gary Stratiner

The Stroum Family Foundation

Barbara and Stuart Sulman

Judith and Steven Weisbrode

Benefactor Sponsors
($500 plus)



Anonymous (3)

Eli and Rebecca Almo

Nicholas Barrat and Tal Lev

Paul Burstein and Florence Katz Burstein

Michael and Alyssa Cohen

Marc and Maria Erlitz

Garrett and Jessica Fenton

Jacob Fenton and Phil Kastel

Jani Goldberg

Terri and Damian Green

Eti and Kenneth Hamlet

Michele Hasson

David and Lorna Isenberg

Ralph and Lisa Katsman

Elizabeth Kent Wilcox and Bryan Wilcox

Sascha Dublin and Mikael Kvart

Ronald Leibsohn

Robert and Lisa Low

Julie Lyss

Julie and Lyle Margulies

Jessica Piha-Grafstein and Mitchell Grafstein

Maya Trachtenberg

Sandie Zieve

Now More Than Ever...

Over two decades ago, visionary community leaders laid the foundation for a new Hillel UW building, a home for Seattle's vibrant Jewish community. 

Now more than ever, Hillel UW steadfastly meets the needs of Jewish young adults in our community - and your support is more important than ever before.

Please join us for HillelFEST 2024, as we mark 20 years in the beloved Hillel UW building.

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Host Committee Chairs


Leslie Rosen, Hillel UW Board Chair
Mimi Rosen & Nathan Goldberg
Ana and Jack Rosen

Angiolina and Joel Gamoran
Andrea and Alex Gamoran
Erin and Eric Haber

Jessica Piha-Grafstein &
Mitchell Grafstein
Leisha and Vincent Piha
Blaire Piha Shainsky & Sam Shainsky 


 Host Committee

Doreen and Joseph Alhadeff 
Emily and Aaron Alhadeff 
Julia Bacharach & Dan Cory 
Shelley and Larry Bensussen 
Lelach Rave & Rabbi Will Berkovitz 
Joann and Carl Bianco 
Bobbe and Jon Bridge 
Pam and Ed Bridge 
Simcha Shtull & Rabbi Dan Bridge 
Melissa and Zane Brown 
Dr. Wendy and Reuven Carlyle 
Ana Mari Cauce 
Beth and Bobby Cohanim 
Rabbi Lauren Kurland & Scott Cohen 
Marilyn Corets & Adam Mihlstin 
Judy and Krijn de Jonge 
Hillary Madsen & Rob Dolin 
Moshe Dunie 
Julie and David Ellenhorn
Nancy and Paul Etsekson 
Jacob Fenton and Phil Kastel 
Serena and Neal Friedman 
Amy and Dave Fulton
Rochelle and Dr. Bernard Goffe 
Judy and Jeff Greenstein 
Renee and Josh Herst 
Gerry Huppin 
Lorna and David Isenberg 
Elana and Andy Jassy 
Connie Kanter 
Sascha Dublin & Mikael Kvart 
Janet and Robert Lackman 
Mindy and David Landsman 
Suzi and Eric LeVine 
Karen Mayers Liebman & Henry Liebman 
Dianne and Steve Loeb 
Sharon and Marty Lott 
Ann Dee and Ron Mayers 
Lois Mayers 
Naomi and Jon Newman 
Valerie and Stan Piha 
Gwenn and Dean Polik 
State Representative Gerry Pollet 
Lucy and Herb Pruzan 
Anna and Daryl Reichstein

Linden Rhoads 
Melissa Rivkin & David Cohanim 
Stefanie Hader Robbins &
Daniel C. Robbins 
Michele and Stan Rosen 
Lisbeth Davis Ross & Neil Ross  
Judy and Joe Schocken 
Amy Schottenstein & Justin Magaram 
Sheri and Howard Schultz 
Jonathan Schwartz
Iris and Steven Schwartz 
Jordan Selig & Johan Erik Strand 
Catherine Mayer & Martin Selig 
State Representative Tana Senn 
Amee and Michael Sherer 
Elizabeth Siegel & Sean Watson 
Beth and Ray Silverstein 
Kathleen and Rob Spitzer 
Ambassador Cynthia Stroum (Ret) 
Daphne Minkoff & Noah Tratt 
Ilyse Reiter Wagner 
Lauren Lavoie & Kenneth D. Wolf 
Honorary Member:  
Senator Maria Cantwell

Hosted By

Hillel at the University of Washington
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