About Sisters of Sojourn


Sisters of Sojourn was founded in 2000 to raise funds for victims of domestic violence. For over twenty years, Sisters of Sojourn has hosted an annual event in support of Sojourn, the second-oldest domestic violence shelter in California and the primary such facility on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Since 1977, Sojourn has been meeting the needs of thousands of domestic violence survivors each year. Through shelter, support groups, workshops, hotline calls, children's empowerment programming, legal services and service referrals, Sojourn brings safety, connection, and hope to individuals and families. Sojourn's annual operating budget exceeds $2 Million to fulfill this mission.

Sojourn is a project of The People Concern, which more broadly addresses the effects of homelessness, poverty, mental and physical illness, abuse and addiction.  Their programs serve the most vulnerable among us to improve their quality of life and become active participants in the community.


Sisters of Sojourn

Sepi Abbasi, Kathy Adams, Susi Alarab, Tamara Bagnard, Colleen Bellitti, Melinda Berman, Gina Bettinsoli,

Deepthi Brown, Tracy Bunting, Courtney Caverly, Lainie Citron, Kelsey Clark, Jody Crabtree, Helene Dameris,

Susan Damico, Mary DeConcini, Debbie Dempsey, Joan Douglas, Kirsten Ellis, Lisa Goldman, Kim Gorry, Stacey Henning,

Courtney Johnson, Leslie Johnson, Tina Kenefick, Christina Kretschmer, Lori Kupfer, Monica Lacy, Laura Lee,

April Loncar, Cathy Longo, Suzanne Lowe, Kimberly Lutz, Nicole Mack, Lucinda Mariscal, Tracy McGeagh, Mara McIlvain,

Carolyn Miller, Sue O'Connor, Kerrie Richards, Luisa Romoff, Tracy Rossie, Karee Rowen, Marcia Rozelle,

Merrie Mac Seaman, Ann Marie Siney, Betsy Smith, Eliza Smith, Torrie Stokdyk, Kristi Temple, Amanda Toland,

Gretchen Valentine, Gillian Wade, Lizzie Widhelm