2024 Speaker - Chaunté Lowe

When you think of a world champion, think Chaunté Lowe-a four-time Olympian, Olympic Medalist, World Champion and three-time World Championship Medalist, the current American record holder for indoor and outdoor high jump, author, mother of three, and breast cancer survivor. In addition to Lowe's impressive athletic track record, her life off the field also motivates and inspires thousands. Chaunte would have never guessed, with all that she accomplished, her biggest obstacle would come off the track. In 2019, Lowe was rattled with the devastating diagnosis of triple-negative breast cancer, which is among the most aggressive forms. In a state of disbelief, Chaunté took the crushing blow head-on, being forced to bow out of the national championships for a double mastectomy and miss the world championships for chemotherapy. Still, she decided that she would fight against the odds and train through chemo in hopes of making the delayed 2020 US Olympic team. Now known as an expert on resilience, her advocacy work focuses on early detection and breast cancer awareness to save lives.

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