Auction FAQ


How does the silent auction work?
We will be using mobile bidding the night of the event for our auction. You will be able to use your smartphone/tablet to keep up with the status of your bids and continue bidding until the auction closes. You can be the winning bidder wherever you are in the world!

How do I participate in the online bidding auction?
Get started online through this auction page. To expedite your registration, please register with the auction site prior to the online bidding time.

Start Bidding
Browse the auction and start bidding on your favorite items! Place your bid on selected items, and set a maximum bid if desired, and Givesmart will continue to keep you in the running until you reach your maximum.

Keep Active
You will be notified via text if you have been outbid. Keep an eye on your favorite items! If you are NOT receiving the text messages make sure you have the correct mobile number under your profile. The texts will continue to notify you when you have been outbid or reached your maximum bid. When the silent auction closes, you will also receive a text message if you won any items!

For easier bidding you can also do the following:
Set a maximum bid. The auction software will automatically raise your bid by a predetermined increment until your maximum bid has been met or the silent auction ends.

Collect Your Winnings
Auction winners are required to make payment at the time of winning the item(s). Please note that you will have the choice to either pay credit card fees yourself or we will run all remaining balances on all cards on file at midnight. Items will be available for pickup between March 13 and March 20 at the Harbor campus. Other arrangements can be made.  

*All bids are final and binding. There will be no exchanges, alterations or refunds on items. Gift certificates cannot be exchanged for cash. All items are "as is". Please note any restrictions stipulated by the prize donor. We are not responsible or liable for any discrepancies. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of values for tax purposes.

How do I make a bid?
Click on Silent Auction Items, scroll through the list and tap on the item you want to bid on. At the bottom of the page beneath the photo and description it will show you the current winning bid and the next minimum bid you need to make. Enter your bid amount into the field at the bottom of the page and click Place Bid (if you are not registered you will need to register your details). Credit card information is required before placing your first bid.

How do I know if I have been outbid?
You can click on My Account and then My Bids to see all of the items you are currently winning or have been outbid on. You will also be sent a text and email notification if you have been outbid.

What do I do if I want to retract a bid?
Contact Samantha Berber, Director of Special Events at [email protected].

When does the auction close?
There is a countdown clock on the item page showing how long is left until the item closes.

How do I know if I won an item?
When the system closes, you will get a notification if you won any items from the auction. You will then be sent a text and email notification with payment instructions. Items will be available for pickup between March 13 and March 20 at the Harbor campus. Other arrangements can be made.