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Honorary Food Industry Chair

Kathleen King, Founder Tate's Bake Shop

"Losing everything can help us focus and make better business decisions." Kathleen King learned from a bad financial decision, reinvented her brand and rose to success beyond belief with Tate's Bake Shop. She became an entrepreneur at age 11 selling her cookies at the family farm stand on Long Island. Thirty years later, after losing her first business, she regrouped to build and then sell Tate's Bake Shop. She has been a Bpeace volunteer since 2017 sharing her industry knowledge in person with multiple entrepreneurs in Guatemala and mentoring participants in our Women Forward program.

 Kathleen King's Story

Honorary Chair

Employees of ZS

ZS is a management consulting and technology firm focused on transforming global healthcare and beyond. ZS leverages leading-edge analytics, plus the power of data, science and products, to help clients make more intelligent decisions, deliver innovative solutions and improve outcomes for all. ZS is committed to delivering healthy, fair and sustainable outcomes by integrating ESG priorities into its work, operations and partnerships-including with nonprofit organizations like Bpeace. Since 2015, 86 ZS employees have provided pro bono consulting services to small businesses to help build employment opportunities. In 2022 alone, 28 ZSers volunteered to deliver 226 hours of pro bono consulting, strengthening 51 small businesses in El Salvador and minority-owned businesses in the U.S.

 The ZS + Bpeace Story

 Honorary Sustainability Sponsor


CMI is a family-owned multinational company, with origins in Central America, that currently operates in 15 countries. Since 1920, CMI has been constantly increasing investment, generating job opportunities and promoting economic development across the region. CMI strives to create sustainable impact in the communities where it operates, while offering high-quality products and services through its Food and Capital business groups.