John Meyer Leadership South Dakota

John Meyer is on a mission to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. John has spent 15 years learning leadership on the job by trying, making mistakes, and pushing himself and his teams to be Better Every Day.

John is the Executive Director of Leadership South Dakota, and he coaches founders on growing their businesses through his company January. In 2011, John co-founded Lemonly, a design firm that helps the world's best brands like Netflix, Marriott, Major League Baseball, and Google tell their stories. As Lemonly's CEO, John built a strong company culture, gaining regional and national attention and becoming one of the best places to work in the Midwest. John is married to Paige Pearson Meyer, and loves being a girl dad to Margot and Liv.

John's running journey started as a hurdler on the Brookings Bobcats track team. His 7th place finish in the state 110m hurdles was mediocre, but high school track established a love for running and competition. Today, John seeks out a 'misogi' every year. A misogi is one large challenge put on the calendar that transforms the entire year. John has hiked the equivalent of Mt. Everest with the 29029 challenge, ran the Portland Marathon, finished 75 Hard, and this year his misogi is to run The 437 Project.

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