Alex Pool Helpline Center

Alex Pool started as the Integration Manager at The Helpline Center one month before the COVID pandemic began. As The Helpline Center responded to the pandemic, Alex became an integral piece in building innovative technology solutions to meet increased social service and mental health needs. Today, Alex continues to expand the behind the scenes technology infrastructure that powers the 24/7 services of The Helpline Center and its outside agency collaborations. Specifically, Alex has been involved in maintaining and customizing technology platforms for several mental health programs, including 988 and suicide prevention programming.  He enjoys discovering new ways to integrate technology building systems to more efficiently serve individuals in need.  

Alex's running journey started during his five-year service with the United States Marine Corps.  Since exiting the military, he continues to run to stay active, meet new people, and clear his mind of the day's events.  He has competed in numerous races, including a marathon and an ultra-marathon. His proudest running moment, however, was having the honor of participation in The 437 Project in its inaugural year in 2022.  He is thrilled to have the opportunity again this year. 

Alex believes in the strong impact mental health services can have on all members of the community and the impact that running can have on an individual's overall mental health.  

"I am honored and thrilled to be selected again to be part of The 437 Project, representing The Helpline Center and highlighting the critical work that my amazing co-workers do 24/7 in supporting and connecting individuals across South Dakota."

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