Ross McDaniel ChiroSport

After witnessing the success of The 437 Project in its augural year, Ross McDaniel knew he wanted to be a part of the 2023 event. In his practice at ChiroSport, Dr. Ross sees firsthand the opportunity to help people every day. "The truth is, they help us just as much as we help them."

Ross started running in high school, mostly out of fear of his football coach. The football career didn't pan out for him, but the running stuck. For his 40th birthday, Ross tackled the Grand Canyon R2R2R:a 47-mile trek across the Grand Canyon and back, boasting over 10,000 feet of elevation gain. 

When he's not running or fixing his patients via chiropractic, Ross is busy with his sweet and sassy daughters: Kaylor (15), Morgan (11), and Mya (9), as well as his girlfriend Brianna and her kids: Cali (14) and James (10). 

In addition to The 437 Project, Ross is looking forward to running Grandma's Marathon this year, where he hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

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